Usage Scenarios

Save money, increase satisfaction amongst colleagues, all while supporting the green agenda

Why Ambiant Insight+ ?

All scenarios below have focused on 3 areas. Saving money, creating a healthy environment for the users, and support the green agenda.

Maybe you can relate to some of these scenarios… Ambiant Insight+ is the solution

  • Today we have a BMS system, but we would like to add new sensores in a cheap and efficient way.
  • Today our temperature is controlled by time. Lowering the temperature at night through our BMS solution. We would like to get a more intelligent way of handling energy (Heat and Electricity) as an example; we would like to be able to control everything, from how the building is being used to how external wether data, all for a lower spending and better workplace environment for our co-workers.
  • We would like to measure and analyse our indoor climate, because we are aware of the fact that a good indoor climate will increase the productivity amongst our employees as well as their work-satisfaction.
  • Today we have trouble analyzing anything based on our buildings data, we would like to optimize our use of data by doing just that, and we need the data to be accessible in realtime scenarios.
  • We find it difficult to inform our co-workers about which employees are at work and where they are sitting, we would like to be able to track it because we think it will increase efficiency in our offices operations.
  • We believe that cleaning can be done more effectively, by knowing which parts as well as how much our offices have been used.

Let’s have a talk and see how we can help out your business, towards saving money, achieving a better work environment as well as making a difference towards climate change.