Made to analyse and take action based on data

Software that makes BMS systems smarter and easier to use 

Ambiant Insight+ is created to handle and analyse all the data collected from a building, as well as all relevant external data that can help improve the usage of a buildings operations. Therefor it is possible to integrate all types of BMS solutions, MS office 365, weather data, and other relevant data sources. In addition, there is full flexibility when it comes to the types of IoT devices/sensors that can be connected to Ambiant Insight+.  

Overview across buildings, floors, etc. 

The product analyses everything from the individual rooms to floors, buildings and the entire property’s portfolio. Several BMS systems, additional IoT sensors and additional data sources are gathered in a homogeneous easy-to-use overview. 

Automate tasks and alarms

There is a built-in automatic adjustment of energy consumption, as well as different alarms so that actions can be taken in advance before a problem can arise. E.g. it is possible to be notified if there are abnormal fluctuations in heat, water, or electricity consumption, which may be symptoms of leakage or something similar easily mitigating issues that otherwise could be quite costly. 

Easy connection to standard BMS systems

Most buildings are already controlled by a standard BMS. Ambiant Insight+ supports these systems and offers additional functionalities, that bring more flexibility as well as a better overall user experience, and provide a smarter way of handling the buildings operations. 

Simple overview of Sensores and devices     

Companies that use a BMS would have good reason to be interested in the possibility to create an overview of the sensors/devices that are connected to the system and where these are located. This is a standard feature in Ambiant Insight+.  

The living, intelligent building 

Ambiant Insight+ works with a digital model of your building, which consists of properties, states and actions. The longer the Ambiant Insight+ has been in use within the building, the better the quality of the data we use to optimize the usage of the buildings operations. All this is achieved with data analysis and AI.

Based on Microsoft Cloud Technology.

The product is cloud-based, so it does not need to be installed in your own IT environment. In addition, it is 100% based on Microsoft technology