IoT Platform

Accelerate your projects and products with the Ambiant secure IoT Cloud Platform

IoT Platform

Easy to deploy, use and extend

Our solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure with a broad range of plug-n-play data connectors to common sensors and building management systems. The software suite is updated frequently with new features and our platform is extensible allowing your team to make custom reports etc.

  • Enterprise grade security with Microsoft Azure

  • GDPR compliant

  • Supports multiple deployments models

Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure

Ambiant is a Microsoft partner and our Intelligent Building suite is developed using the Microsoft Technology stack. We have a cloud first approach and base our software on Microsoft Azure PaaS components. Ambiant offers to host the Intelligent Building suite as an End-to-end SaaS offer, as an alternative, it can also be deployed to your own Azure instance.

Data collected, transformed and ready for usage

Ambiant is device agnostic and we integrate with the most common Building Management Systems (BMS) and IoT devices on the market. We collect, structure and analyse the data so it is ready to bring value to your company.

Software as a Service

With the Ambiant Intelligent Building software suite we offer access to the IoT platform with the ability design and orchestrate your IoT infrastructure as well as specific workplace applications with domains specific insights.

Open platform

Our IoT platform is open and able to integrate with a growing number of devices and/or building management systems, and with our Open API and data export you can easily build new reports using PowerBI or custom applications on top of the suite.

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