We facilitate and develop solutions to get value out of IoT with focus on supporting business values and goals


Why work with us

We are an experienced and motivated team of recognized industry experts within IoT, Software Development and Business value creation. Ambiant is partnering with the industry leaders in IoT and cloud computing among others Microsoft. Our unique approach ensures we discover opportunities, define measurable goals and ensures a successful launch. Our products enable you to get started with IoT quickly and our Managed Device Service will reduce operation cost and will monitor your devices throughout their lifetime.

IoT Expertise and Solutions

As experts within IoT as a Business enabler, we facilitate and educate private and public businesses in how to get value out of IoT. Let Ambiant design, build and run your IoT architecture.

  • Discover business value
  • Device and protocol choices
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Azure IoT
  • Technical implementation
  • Solution development
  • Deployment

Vision Workshop

A workshop, with the result being a strategy proposal for how to put IoT in play in your business and with a step-by-step plan, so you can get into action and creating real business value.

  • Intro to IoT Business value
  • What are going on in your business area
  • What are the ideas in your business for IoT
  • Prioritizing the IoT areas
  • Business Value evaluation of ideas. Can it be done, within reasonable time and money
  • Paper based prototyping
  • Next step and plan

Our Unique Approach

Together, we make a vision and strategy for unlocking the full potential of your business with sensors and data. Using the Ambiant IoT product we jump directly into solving problems instead of spending time designing, scaling and securing the infrastructure. After rollout in the organization you are ready to reap the benefits with real-time actionable insights, reports, dashboards, recommendations and automations.





Work with us

Learn more about we can facilitate and develop solutions to get value out of IoT with focus on supporting business values and goals.

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