Managed Devices

We ensure maximum value using our expertise to recommend IoT Devices and ensures these are proactively monitored for your peace of mind

Managed Devices

Trusted IoT Device Advisor

We have tested and validated many of the products in the market and picked out the best products for your convenience. We offer our managed service with monitoring and full service when buying devices directly through us. We are verified distributor for several device vendors.

Dedicated experts

Use the knowledge and assistance from those who build the systems in resolving issues. Our experts will guide you through everything from getting the right devices to optimizing device placements.

Proactive Monitoring

Devices enrolled in our products or solutions are automatically monitored for failures, battery life etc, and we proactively notify you if a device needs maintenance before it affects the solution.

Full Service

If our recommended devices need a fix or replacement, no problem. We ensure the devices are replaced and the health of the solution is restored quickly and efficiently.

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Ambiant Managed Devices is a service for IoT Devices that provides a complete solution for enrolment, management, incident resolution and analytics - with recommendations from our experts.

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