We make solutions people love

We are customer centric

We do what we do to make our customers a success

We are authentic

We work as friends and show who we are in all situations internally and externally

We keep our promises

We deliver on our promised to our customers and colleagues

Our vision

We want to revolutionize how buildings and work environments are operated using IoT, big data and software automation.

Our mission

Build software that simplies the use of sensors and data to reduces the environmental impact and improve employee wellbeing

John Wainer

Co-Founder & Chief Exective Officer

John has always focused on the value he could bring to the customer, when building software applications and has been a part of building Europa’s largest cloud-based intranet solution as Partner and CEO. John loves a challenge ahead and for now, he’s set up to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat together with some good friends.

Michael Lindberg

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Michael has worked with IoT projects the past 10 years in the areas of Smart buildings & spaces, Industrial IoT and Connected products. Before co-founding Ambiant Michael was part of the Microsoft Global Black Belt organization specialized in IoT. At Ambiant Michael is now working on developing the platform and exploring collaborations in the IoT.

Jess Lassen

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Jess is an experienced product leader with a passion for creating lovable products using his broad skill range and experience. He enjoys working on everything from product discovery to execution and delivery. Before joining Ambiant Jess was responsible for a SaaS product used by over 1 million users and acknowledged as market leader by Gartner, Forrester and others. In his sparetime he likes to run - mostly because he enjoys eating, drinking a little to much.

Customer Advisory Board

In the beginning of 2021 we will start up a advisory board with people committed to IoT and people from large organizations using it in there businesses. We are still open for more people to join the board, so please contact us if you want to be involved in the exciting futhere of IoT.

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