Ambiant Energy+

We at Ambiant-Group want to make it easier for businesses to see their real-time energy usage and empower them to make qualified decisions, based on real world data obtained through IoT solutions.

Ambiant Energy+ gives you an overview of your exact energy consumption, which creates a solid foundation to build effective changemaking strategies. We believe that together, we can gain understanding and optimization of your unique energy spending, while documenting your climate mitigation efforts.

Our software product is a cloud solution, that via integrations and sensors; collects, analyzes and calculates data from your venues. The platform facilitates an ease of energy management and facility optimization, through delivering a visual overview of data collected and modifiable notifications. This intuitive tool gives you insights that enable qualified decision making. Smart and learning based automation can save energy, time, expenses and optimize your workspace, while increased employee wellbeing and productivity. This can all be done, without any human interference.

Where to start?

We are here to support you, by providing insights into how IoT and machine learning can enable your specific business, save resources and gain further understanding of how to reach your sustainability goals.

Try Ambiant Energy+ for free for one month: it's plug-and-play and easy to setup. The goal is to save up to 20% on energy use, while you enjoy the automatic temperature regulation of your rooms. Included in the free trial is 10pcs sensors and installation - Let's get some insights.

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