Use maps to enhance employee experience and prepare for the hybrid workplace

Daily we rely on map services to help us navigate from one place to another. Arrival time with minute precision and information about the destination, like opening hours, allow us to plan our time effectively and prevent frustration. When visiting shopping centers or other large spaces, we rely on indoor maps to help us navigate through the floor plan effectively.

Enhance the employee experience with maps.

Adding interactive, digital maps to your workplace provides a similar boost in employee productivity and satisfaction. Maps in the workplace is not just about navigating effectively around the office. Its more about providing the employees with a real-time visualization to assist them in effectively finding an available seat in an open office area, prevent frustration of trying to find an available meeting room or helping them quickly locate movable shared assets like mobile studios.

Maps provide insights for decision makers.

Interactive maps can also be a valuable tool for different roles in the organization. By bringing in data from building sensors, building management systems and digital workplace tools, maps can provide visual insights and guidance about space utilization, indoor climate issues like air quality and noise levels or provide a visual to-do list for cleaning activities.

Dashboard with Map

Prepare for the hybrid workplace journey with maps.

The pandemic has changed the way we are going to use our workplace facilities going forward. A lot of surveys show employees enjoy flexible work and are only planning going to the office a few days a week post-pandemic. When employees finally commute in, they will expect the physical office to provide more than just a desk to sit at.

Organizations will need to invest in redesigning their physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work environments. Redesigning to an unknown future state is an almost impossible task and no data exists yet to guide organizations through this journey. Capturing data using building sensors and visualizing usage patterns on maps will ensure the right decisions are being made when organizations start replanning and reimagining their workplace.

Azure Maps integrated for ease of use.

Maps is a core feature of the Ambiant product allowing organizations to easily provide visual insights to employees and decision makers. Using the strength of the Microsoft Azure Maps platform but removing the complexity of using it completely. Drawings can be uploaded and used in product with only a few clicks and together with sensors data and integrations maps updates dynamically, ensuring users will constantly get refreshed information.

Ready to use map solutions for common challenges.

Whether you are thinking about preparing your organization for the hybrid workplace, want to improve poor indoor climate, improve the meeting rooms experience or minimize food waste, the Ambiant product can provide the actionable insights needed to make the best possible decision.

Manage map with ease

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Published: April 16th 2021