40% of global energy consumptions comes from buildings

There are a number of studies that show that 40% of the world's energy consumption comes from buildings and almost the same percentage when it comes to CO2 emissions.

Most office buildings either have no heat control (you turn up if you freeze and on a good day, you turn it down again when you leave the room) or/and your company have night dipping, which often turns out to be of no value, as it then need to be turned up extra in the morning, to get back to an average temperature.

This could be your story tomorrow.

The heat control of an office building takes place in this way.

When the day starts, the building knows the weather for that day and therefore knows if there will be outside help for heating, so that it automatically adjusts based on wind and weather. The building knows which rooms will be in use today and can adjust the heat based on this.

We also know how many people are in the building where they are sitting and can again also adjust the heat after this. At the same time, we can ensure a temperature where there are people who correspond to the optimum for their type of work. Eg. we can lower the temperature a bit in a meeting room we know will be full for a whole day for a seminar, as the people will also contribute to heating the room.

When the day is over, we can see that there will be no one in e.g., 7 of our rooms tomorrow, so we lower the temperature a few extra degrees in these rooms, overnight and the day after.

Could this benefit anyone?

Simple answer yes, it benefits the CO2 footprint you company makes, and it also benefits the company's finances, so if you as a company are not in the process of taking action as described above, then it is probably time now to consider it.

And even better.

We have similar stories about electricity, water, food waste, sqm etc. so in a world where we all need to focus on sustainability, we may have an idea of ​​where we as companies can all make our small contribution.

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Published: April 22nd 2021