Level up your Office Cleaning using sensors

Many organizations have already seen the benefits of using sensors to improve their office spaces and employee experience. IoT solutions can provide cost savings and improved productivity in many different business areas. Scheduled based scenarios like cleaning of facilities are great candiates for optimizations using modern technology.

Sensors can detect motion and provide guidance to cleaning personal or external service providers about where extra effort is needed or where cleaning can potentially be postponed. These insights can help organizations with more effective cleaning and provide a path to more sustainable cleaning practices.

Get started using existing building management systems

Modern office spaces already have lots of sensors e.g., tracking motion to turn on lights, heating, ventilation etc. These sensors are part of the building management system and already provides an easy to use integration interface for new solutions. The Ambiant software provides a catalog of easy-to-use integrations to common BMS / CTS vendors allowing organizations to tap into the already available data without the need of a big integration project.

BMS / CTS integration

Use our IoT expertise to retrofit older buildings

Even if your office space does not have a building management system, it is still easy to get started using Ambiant. IoT sensors have heavily dropped in price, due to the market booming, but it can be hard to find the right device and device vendor that works for you. We have tested and validated many of the products on the market and we can recommend devices for different scenarios, like cleaning or a holistic solution for the office. The Ambiant software makes it simple to retrofit buildings with sensors and we also offer a fully managed service with proactive monitoring, to remove device maintaince completely. Read more about our Managed Device Service.

Sensors are the catalyst for facility managers to start making data driven decisions

Modern technology with sensors, data and software automation provides facility managers with new opportunities. It can provide a great baseline for switching to consumption-based cleaning contracts and provide a clear overview of building usage with insights into issues, even before they occur. This allows facility managers in organizations to proactively focus on what matters, keep the facilities clean and provide employees and visitors with the best possible experience.

Automate cleaning processes

Capturing data and visualizing data is only part of the journey to improving cleaning processes using IoT sensors. Setting up rules and task automation will truly realize the productivity improvement potential. The Ambiant software provides configurable built-in rules and actions to complete most common scenarios and our API provide seamless support for low-code tools like Microsoft Power Automate or similar automation products. It's all about effective notifications and resource allocation.


Help transform our world with focus on sustainable cleaning

The Ambiant software does not only provide organization with an improved cleaning solution, but it also provides a path into a more sustainable way of keeping offices clean by minimizing chemicals and water usage. Start your journey towards improved sustainability and data driven cleaning. Read more about UN Sustainable Development Goals and our Smart Office solution or Get in touch for an in-depth demo.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Published: May 18th 2021