Software That Optimizes Your Building

Ambiant Insight+ will make a difference, for your building and your colleagues

The Product, Ambiant Insight+ has 3 areas of focus.

Energy Optimization

Can result in reductions in energy costs upwards to +20%

Employee Satisfaction

More productivity and happier co-workers


Support the green agenda

By utilizing your current BMS with or without current IoTs, our goal is to turn your buildings into intelligent learning beings with Ambiant Insight+. Go from a time controlled BMS to a Insight+ building, that is controlled by the data it receives from different devices.

If you work with facility management, building maintenance, employee satisfaction or other functionalities where the data about the status of the building, regardless of the type, then it would be advantageous to take contact to us and see how Ambiant Insight+ can improve your current system.

Make BMS systems easier to use and more intelligent.

Ambiant Insight+ is created to analyze and act on the data it can get out of a building, including all external data which can increase the efficiency of operations within the building.

Make a difference for your building and your colleagues.